After the lauding success of SBI initiatives to promote Sindh as an attractive investment destination, Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) is organizing a series of Road Shows for which Investment Delegations have been constituted to visit the friendly countries of Pakistan. SBI believes that real progress lies in the sustainable efforts to increase interactions with brotherly nations & emerging markets as they have understanding about the investment climate of emerging markets especially the Sindh. Here, it is pertinent to mention that from the platform of Sindh Board of Investment, Government of Sindh had successfully concluded delegations to Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China and Russian Federation.

Republic of Singapore is an important trade partner and one of the largest investors in Pakistan with investment around USD 2 billion. SBI believes that increase interaction between business communities of two countries such as Pakistan and Singapore will further strengthen the economic ties established over years between two countries.

In order to increase current levels of trade and investment, Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) in collaboration with Pakistan High Commission, Singapore intends to constitute an Investment delegation to visit Singapore. The delegation will comprise of high level Government Officers, Business Houses and prospective Investors.

The purpose of this road show and delegation’s visit is to outreach a wide spectrum of potential foreign investors through focused efforts and to bring all stakeholders under one roof for the common cause of promoting investment in Sindh. Through this road show, SBI intends to provide a platform of linking Sindh to a vast network of progressive investors. The main objective of this initiative is to disseminate latest information regarding investment potential of Sindh which has abundant attractive business and investment opportunities, untapped natural resources, huge mineral reserves, 350 km long coastline and the potential to generate renewable energy. It will also unveil new horizons of investment potential of non conventional sectors of economy such as education, livestock, Halal etc. It will also provide a platform to investors for business matchmaking, capacity building, enhanced linkages & networking opportunities and institutionalize business and trade relations with foreign investors.

During Delegation’s visit, Sindh Board of Investment and Government of Sindh intends to promote the potential of Sindh among investors of Singapore and meaningful interactions will be made with Singaporean counterparts on G2G, G2B and B2B levels.

During the proposed visits, Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) will showcase the investment opportunities in Sindh through business to business meetings, road shows, seminars, focus groups between participants and potential investors/business houses in Singapore to explore the prospects of Joint Ventures (JVs), Tech Transfer or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Following sectors have been identified for attracting investment:

    1. Power & Energy
    • Hydel Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Coal Energy
    • Bio Mass

    2. Education
    3. Mining
    4. Banking & Finance
    5. Gems & Jewelry
    6. Information Technology
    7. Tourism
    8. Chemicals
    9. Healthcare
    • Biomedical

    10. Infrastructure & Urban Development
    • Construction

    11. Logistics/ Transport and Mass Transit

    Business Houses, Associations, Chambers and Investment Banks interested to participate as delegates are requested to kindly send their nominations as per “Registration Form” to become part of Sindh Investment & Trade Delegation to Republic of Singapore.

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